Please help Manchester City

June 9, 1906
Letter from Mr. John James Bentley
The following letter has been addressed to the First Division of the League by Mr. John James Bentley (president): –

By the decision of the Football Association Council Manchester City has been permanently deprived of the services of he majority of its players, who have been suspended until January 1, 1907, and prohibited from again playing for their old club.

The Football League is, so far as the number of clubs is concerned, limited, but not in the engagement of first-class professionals, and in this respect possesses an advantage which, I think, no other organisation can claim.

I, therefore, make an appeal to the clubs in the First Division on behalf of Manchester City, and it is simply this. Manchester City have to form a new board of directors. The new board takes office with but a few class players left. It is unfair for the new board to start the new season without, as I understand, funds, and with but few players.

League clubs ought, according to the original first rule of the League, to support each other. This is their opportunity, and I would seriously and with the greatest confidence ask them to assist Manchester City to the extent of offering the transfer of players, nominally free, with the proviso that when the City are in a position to negotiate the League Management Committee shall be allowed to fix an equitable fee.

I sincerely hope your directors will favourably consider the matter, and thus show that the Football League is not merely a name, but a body of clubs loyally banded together to assist and support each other, especially in times of need. Manchester City just now are greatly in need of assistance and encouragement.

Let the have it.”
(Liverpool Daily Post: June 9, 1906)


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