Liverpool F.C.: The annual meeting of 1906 (Cricket and Football Field)

June 11, 1906
The first annual meeting of the Liverpool Football Club since its reconstruction a year ago was duly held on Monday evening, when, according to expectation, everything passed off most harmoniously.

Mr. Edwin Berry presided over a large attendance of directors and shareholders. The Chairman, in moving the adoption of the report, spoke of the club’s record season of 1905-6, wherein the men had pulled of three trophies, including the championship of the League.

Mr. Berry explained what the directors had done in purchasing the ground from Mr. William Houlding, a purchase that would be completed in 1907. He treated of the ground improvements’ scheme.

Their enclosure would comfortably accommodate 40,000 spectators before next September, although not then completed. When this latter is accomplished Greater Anfield, we are assured, will constitute one of England’s best equipped grounds.

Additional shares will shortly be issued, the allocation of which will be made pro rata in favour of original subscribers. The resolution was seconded by Mr. John McKenna, and unanimously adopted, whilst the maximum five per cent. dividend was declared.

Following this, Mr. Tom Watson, in a characteristic speech, reviewed the season’s doings, and the brilliant series of successes achieved by their players, whose greatest quality, he said, had been consistency. The splendid manner in which three awkward gaps had been filled in the team by Sam Hardy, James Bradley and Joe Hewitt were subjects for special appreciation by the popular Secretary.

He did not apologise for mentioning the fact that the Liverpool Club had on five occasions won the Liverpool Cup, and last season’s victory therein he considered compensated them somewhat for their overthrow in the English Cup semi-final at the hands of Everton. But he wished to extend to the Goodison organisation their heartiest congratulations upon at last bringing “The” Cup to Merseyside; it was high time it did come here.

The additional honours won in other spheres during 1905-6 by Director Mr. John McKenna and players Alex Raisbeck, Billy Dunlop, Maurice Parry, George Latham, and James Bradley were also commented upon. The three retiring directors (Messrs. William Coward Briggs, Arthur Parr, and Albert Worgan) were re-appointed.
(Cricket and Football Field: June 16, 1906)


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