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Confusion surrounding Charles Hewitt’s transfer

June 16, 1906
The intricate affair regarding Charles Hewitt’s transfer at the end of the season has been cleared up by the Football Association. The Middlesbrough forward was suspended by the club towards the close of the campaign, and eventually he signed for Tottenham Hotspur.

The iron people had offered him the maximum wage, and therefore appealed to the Association in order the he should be forced to assist them. Meanwhile he tried to cancel his engagement with Tottenham, and expresses his determination to join the League champions at Anfield.

Liverpool offered £400 for his signature to the necessary forms. The ruling Association, however, have decreed that Hewitt shall play in the ‘Spurs colours next season. Hewitt himself now says he has decided to help Middlesbrough next season!
(Liverpool Daily Post: June 16, 1906)

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