Manchester City matters

July 2, 1906
The circular of the president of the Football League asking the League clubs to support Manchester City has borne fruit in one respect. Two players, William Yates and Frank Buckley, joined Manchester United from Brighton, and a third was desirous of following them, but Mr. John James Bentley recommended him to the City, with the result that he was engaged. Albert Fisher stands 5ft. 8in., and weighs 11st. 8ln. He played in a League match for Aston Villa, afterwards went to Bristol City, and last season operated with the Southern League team.

The directors of the City are evidently not to be relieved of their worries, for the League Committee are to deal with them on the violation of the bonus rule. It is some little consolation to know that there can be no more suspending. John Edmondson, Robert Dearden, and Jimmy Bannister are appealing to the F.A. for a re-consideration of their cases on the ground that even with the illegal bonuses received their wages did not exceed the maximum allowed. Then there is the news that Mr. J.R. Horne has resigned from the directorate.
(Athletic News: July 2, 1906)


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