Harry Newbould new manager for Manchester City

July 17, 1906
The directors of the Manchester City Club are not allowing the grass to grow under their feet as it were. Though it is still the close season for football players the present time is a very hard period for the directors of the club, but their efforts are slowly but surely meeting with the success they deserve, and ere the 1st of September arrives there will be a team worthy of the club, which, so far as it goes, will have three internationals in the forward line in George Stewart, James Conlin, and Lot Jones.

Last evening the directors were busy wading through a pile of letters from applicants in reply to the City club’s advertisement for a team manager, and the work was successfully accomplished.

The fortunate applicant is Mr. Harry Newbould, who is at the present time secretary and manager of Derby County, and he will now act in a similar capacity for Manchester City.

Mr. Newbould, who has been connected with Derby County for the past eleven years, hopes to commence his duties with his new club on the 1st of August. As Mr. Newbould is fully qualified for his new post, the appointment is bound to meet with the approval of all who have the welfare of the City club at heart.
(Manchester Courier: July 18, 1906)

Harry Newbould

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