Success begets success

July 21, 1906
The Liverpool Club is appreciating the wisdom of the old saying. A certain purchase having been made, the directors have been able to offer a large number of shares for sale, and in the usual business way they decided to give the first chance of acquiring these to those who already holding shares. The latter gentlemen bought and subscribed when the club was not in the higher feather, as is at present the case, and they deserve to have the first refusal – or acceptance.

It has been a case of acceptance, for the officials declare that they could have parted with twice as many shares as were available. Verily doth it seem that football fever is raging on Merseyside.

It may not appear to be virulent at present, being gay summertime; but there’s no mistaking that Liverpool has a strong claim to be the hub of the football universe at present.

We use the two last words advisedly, for one never knows what may eventuate in the course of another twelvemonth. The readiness of the public to subscribe the wherewithal for carrying on the Anfield club is a tribute to the reality of their interest in its welfare. When a man “gets his hand down,” there is no mistaking his genuineness. Hence, let praise be to the Anfield patrons for this latest evidence of their enthusiasm.

By the way, there are other items of news concerning Liverpool F.C. that will be of interest. It is said that original intentions are not to be carried out, concerning the re-modelling of the playing part. The goals are not to be put where the sides formerly were; they will be kept at the Anfield and Oakfield Road ends as heretofore.

The directors have arranged for the players a very nice commemoration of the annexation of the League Championship in the shape of a Continental tour for the players.
(Cricket and Football Field: July 21, 1906)

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