Facilities for football crowds

July 26, 1906
Transfer sessions for the purpose of considering proposed alteration in licensed premises in the city and the transfer of licenses was held in the City Police Court yesterday, Sir Thomas Hughes presiding over a full bench of justices.
Mr. Edwin Berry applied on behalf of Thomas Swift for permission to put a turnstile on one side of the premises, 185, Walton Breck Road.

He explained that the house was close to the Liverpool Football Ground, and when matches were played there all the public-houses in the vicinity became congested.

With regard to this particular house there was at present only one entrance from Walton Breck Road, with the result that on match days there was a great congestion. This would be relieved if the proposed turnstile were erected. It would be for exit only, and would only be used when matches were being played.

Sir Thomas Hughes remarked that there would be no objection so long as it was only used during matches. Otherwise it might be used for smuggling a drunken man out while the police were coming in (laughter).

Mr. Berry gave an undertaking that it would only be used on match days, an on this understanding the alteration was sanctioned.
(Liverpool Daily Post: July 26, 1906)

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