Liverpool in “Gay Paree”

July 28, 1906
The Liverpool F.C. players set out on Thursday afternoon for a week’s holiday in Paris, the men being accompanied by several of the club’s directors and Mr. Tom Watson.

Thursday evening was spent in London, and Paris was reach last night after travelling to France via Newhaven and Dieppe. The selected Parisian Hotel quarters are the “Hotel du Louvre”, Rue du Rivoli.

This holiday has been decided upon by the management to commemorate the fine work accomplished by the Anfield team during the 1905-6, when three of the big prizes of the season were picked up (despite a depressing start), including the championship of the League’s senior division.
(Cricket and Football Field: July 28, 1906)


Liverpool footballers in Paris
The members of the Liverpool Football Club, accompanied by Messrs. Edwin Berry (chairman of the club), John McKenna (vice-chairman), William Coward Briggs (director), and Mr. Tom Watson (secretary), are at present enjoying themselves in Paris.

This trip to the Gay City is a recognition of their three-fold success last season in securing the League Championship, the Dewar Shield, and the Liverpool Cup. The party left Liverpool on Thursday for London, and went on to Paris on Friday. They are due to return on Friday next.

Full arrangements for them to see all the principal features of the French capital have been made. Immediately after Bank Holiday the serious business of preparing for next season will commence. In consequence of the ground alterations the men will train at New Brighton Tower grounds.

William Macpherson, of Paisley St. Mirren, who is recognised as a coming inside forward, has been signed on by the Anfielders.
(Source: Athletic News: July 30, 1906)

Hotel du Louvre in Paris.


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