Pre-season training at New Brighton

August 11, 1906
Having devoted so much space to ground work, me thinks readers are asking what of the players. Such reference must necessarily be brief. All those who performed so nobly last season have been retained, and thus far the list of new faces only tots up to three – this surely another record!
First comes Percy Saul, a sturdy full back from Plymouth Argyle, who  travels north with a big reputation; then there are two forwards – J.P. Lipsham, a young outside left from Chester, brother to “Bert” Lipsham, the Sheffield United international winger, and McPherson, an inside left, or inside right (preferably the former) from Paisley St. Mirren. McPherson, I have heard, described as one of Scotland’s best forwards’ Let me trust the estimate will prove an accurate one. Here is a full list of players signed:

Goalkeepers Years
Sam Hardy 2
Ned Doig 3
Alf West 4
Billy Dunlop 11
Tom Chorlton 3
Harry Griffiths 2
Percy Saul N
Half Backs
Maurice Parry 6
Alex Raisbeck 8
James Bradley 2
Sam Hignett 2
G. Latham 4
James. Hughes 3
Charlie Wilson 8
George Fleming 6
Arthur Goddard 5
Jack Parkinson 4
Joe Hewitt 4
Sam Raybould 6
Jack Cox 8
Robert Robinson 4
John Carlin 5
Robert Blanthorne 2
James Gorman 2
John Graham 2
Jack Lipsham N
William Macpherson N

(The figures indicate their length of service with Liverpool. N means new player.)

The men began training under a hot Parisian sun over a week ago, and this was continued at New Brighton dating from Wednesday last. Seeing the Liverpool – Corinthians match last season resulted in £109 being handed over to local charities. I understand the Liverpool directors are desirous that the proceeds of the public practice match at the Tower Grounds should be devoted to Wallasey charities. This match has been fixed up for Saturday, August 25th. G. Fleming will act as a mentor to the reserve team and as before trainer Connell will look after the seniors. The players journey to New Brighton each morning, returning at night.
(Source: Cricket and Football Field: August 11, 1906)

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