A whole new Anfield enclosure

August 20, 1906
Yesterday afternoon the directors of the Liverpool Football Club afforded the Press and other friends an informal inspection of the extensive alteration which have been effected at the club’s headquarters at Anfield Road.

To get inside the enclosure, the first exclamation would be “Where am I? Surely, this is not the old Anfield ground?”
No, it is not! The directors of what may be called the “new” Liverpool Club have achieved a remarkable metamorphosis. The enclosure has been altogether changed and idealised into what an up-to-date football ground should be, and when, in a few days hence, the public are called upon to give the impress of their opinion from what they are able to see, they will say “perfect.”

Some time, however, must elapse before the directors of the club are able to achieve the height of their ambition. What they are at present aiming at is to provide an ideal ground for their patrons, in which every person who pays his admissions money may have a satisfactory view of play. The lay out of the stands and terraces will guarantee this.

Accommodation has been provided for at least 60,000 spectators. Ten thousand square yards of land have been added to the old enclosure, and it is almost safe to predict that henceforth no individual who has the wherewithal to demand admission to the ground at Anfield will be told off with the words: “No use; ground full.”
(Liverpool Daily Post: August 21, 1906)

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