Season preview 1906-07: Liverpool F.C. (Lancashire Evening Post)

August 25, 1906
Visitors to Anfield Road next Saturday, when Stoke will have the honour of being the first club to contest on the new ground of the Liverpool club, will see a transformation almost incredible to the ordinary layman. In the short space of four months the ground has been enlarged so as to accommodate forty thousand spectators, and in a season or two additional space will be provided for another twenty thousand which is proof that the management is bent on having the finest football enclosure outside of London.

The stands have been rearranged, and added to very extensively, and the playing pitch has been relaid. Whether that important part will stand the stress of wear and weather remains to be seen, but the work has been under the capable direction of an expert, which is more than a nominal guarantee for efficiency.

The composition of the team that brought the League championship, the Dewar Shield, and Liverpool Cup safely “home” last season has undergone few changes. The new arrivals are:
William Macpherson (Paisley St. Mirren), Jack Lipsham (Chester), a brother to the Sheffield United forward, and Percy Saul (Plymouth).

These, with Sam Hardy, Billy Dunlop, Alf West, Alex Raisbeck, James Bradley, Maurice Parry, Arthur Goddard, Robert Robinson, Charles Hewitt, Ned Doig, Jack Parkinson, John Cox, Tom Chorlton, Sam Raybould, George Latham, James Gorman, Harry Griffiths, James Hughes, Robert Blanthorne, John Graham, and Charlie Wilson, will complete a very strong set of players.

To give the new turf at Anfield Road every opportunity to knit and become thoroughly set, all practice has taken place at the Tower Athletic Grounds, New Brighton, and this afternoon a public display will be given for the benefit of the Wallasey Charities.

Tom Watson is credited with having said that Liverpool are usually at the top or the bottom of the League. After their success of a season ago it will be interesting to note their position in the football firmament eight months hence.
(Lancashire Evening Post: August 25, 1906)


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