Preview: Birmingham v Liverpool

September 21, 1906
Mr. A. Milward, who will referee the match between Birmingham and Liverpool at Coventry Road, is the old Kidderminster and Worcestershire cricket professional. He now resides down South, and is a popular referee.

This match presents possibilities. Neither side has come up to expectations so far, and I doubt not that the Brums will be quite joyful if last season’s one goal to nil victory is repeated. However, I hope that they will have to report another “unfortunate incident,” to employ a euphemism coined by our literary soldiers during the South African war, and that Liverpool will rise to the height they are capable of.

It is a blow to the club that Sam Raybould is unable to play, also that Alf West will be kept out of the field. There is much solace from the knowledge that the reserves chosen are of first-class. John Carlin and Percy Saul can be trusted. The latter will be baptised in First Division League water against his former club-mate Walter Wigmore, who is not a gentleman who plays parlour football. Right from his days as centre-forward for Gainsborough he has had the reputation of being where the knocks are. He gives plenty. He gets out of the way of the other fellows.

The Birmingham people say that much of their failure is due to Bill Jones’s marked falling off as centre forward. It appears that Jones sustained a severe strain before the season started, and that the loss of the dash and fire which have hitherto been so outstanding a feature of his play, but which have been lacking this season, may be thus accounted for.

Liverpool v Birmingham.
League match at Coventry Road, Birmingham, 3:30.
Liverpool: Sam Hardy, Percy Saul, Billy Dunlop, Maurice Parry, Alex Raisbeck, James Bradley, Arthur Goddard, Robert Robinson, Joe Hewitt, John Carlin, John Cox.

Liverpool Reserves v Blackpool.
Lancashire Combination, at Anfield.
Liverpool: Ned Doig, Harry Griffiths, Tom Chorlton, Sam HIgnett, Charlie Wilson, George Latham, Jack Parkinson, John Graham, William Macpherson, Robert Blanthorne, James Gorman, Jack Lipsham.
(Liverpool Echo: September 21, 1906)

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