The benefit for Billy Dunlop

September 25, 1906
Liverpool sportspeople are never found lacking where charity and honour are the causes proclaimed. A short life in the Mersey city has proved this assertion to me, and I claim to have been engaged directly or indirectly with a number of movements which come under the heading of charity or honour.

Did not football people of this city subscribe well over £130 to the sufferers by the reason of the tug disaster? This is only one of the numerous causes of ready aid, and for honour’s cause it is only necessary to recalling the response to appeals for the benefitters by benefit matches, and the support which led to a young fellow gaining the Royal Humane Society’s medal. Then all charity is honour.

I make a very special appeal to Liverpool sportsmen – some other than the sportsmen should read these lines. The appeal concerned a worthy warrior who has given the local football crowds of his very best, and has delayed his benefit with characteristic generosity so that other players might have their harvest first, and I should say that Billy Dunlop has lost slightly by this “putting off” because, instead, of his club being at the top of its form it is performing most moderately.

Many people have expressed a desire to contribute to a fund for Dunlop’s benefit, and so I will start at once. Contributions, however small, will be acknowledged in this column from time to time. I have some 6d., 1s., and 2s. tickets for sale for the match, which is on October 13. To benefit Dunlop I am organising a Limerick competition for next Saturday.

The conditions will be simple, the prizes will be four (half a guinea each), and the Dunlop fund will benefit by your entering the competition. My advice is: Get your limerick ready this week and send it in on Saturday, when you have read the rules. For a five-line Limerick 10s., 6d. each for four persons.
(Liverpool Echo: September 25, 1906)

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