Liverpudliana: By Richard Samuel (October 27 – 1906)

Saturday, October 27 – 1906
Some Liverpool “firsts”
Candidly, Liverpool’s remodelled forces exceeded one’s strongest hopes at Bury, aware though I was of the fact that the Reds simply threw a point away when Bury were at Anfield. It is all the more pleasing to learn Saturday’s victory, on the play show, was no fluke, but a genuine reflection of superiority. It behoves the men now to further demonstrate that such win was no mere flash-in-the pan; let there be no more dimming of the mirror.

Saturday’s game led up to a good many “firsts” from a Liverpool standpoint. Thus they booked their first “away” win of the season. A two goals’ total was exceeded for the first time; indeed, Bury is the only club against which the Reds to date have score more than the odd goal. Then Liverpool made their first comparative gain of 1906-7 by turning a 1905-6 draw into a victory.

John Carlin figured at outside left for the first time this season; John Cox missed his first match; Robert Robinson scored his first goal; and Sam Raybould his first brace. William Macpherson appeared at inside left for the first time. Joe Hewitt missed his first match since September 9 – 1905, and Raybould operated at centre forward for the first time that same date. Of the game at Bury, I do not intend to make many observations, leaving these to flow through another channel.

The coming of Carlin.
Billy Dunlop played one of his best games, and the winning half-backs were of level goodness. Forward, Arthur Goddard and Robert Robinson got along usefully in the renewal of a former partnership, and Sam Raybould at centre bustled into his work in a manner most refreshing. He scored two goals just as he did in his first match v. Bury, at centre forward over six years ago. If he can shake up defences in a manner approaching his work of four seasons ago we shall indeed be delighted.

But it was on the left wing where the most thrilling work took place. Last spring John Carlin played so splendidly at outside left that John Cox’s absence was looked upon by many as a blessing in disguise, and with this verdict I am not inclined to quarrel. This season Carlin has been handicapped with a non-healing skin on one of his knees.

In a footballer, fitness on the whole takes precedence over ability. An unfit “star” can’t hold a candle to a primed mediocrity. Carlin on Saturday came out fit and full of running, to lead John Johnston and Jimmy Lindsay a merry dance, thanks to William Macpherson’s splendid co-operation. The only Scottish forward Liverpool possess is, happily – like George Wilson – something more than a one-position player. The 20 years old St. Mirrenite took to inside left like a duck to water. On Saturday’s rendering I cannot see this wing being disturbed; even when John Cox frees himself from the doctor’s care.

Reverting to the defence, I was glad to find Percy Saul escaped making any of those slips which spelled disaster in the two previous games. It was also worthy of note that Liverpool’s winning position was made before the interval. We shall be pleased when they develop a hunger for goals in the second half.
(Cricket and Football Field, 27-10-1906)


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