St James’s Park – Newcastle United F.C. football ground

Saturday, November 3 – 1906
The home of the Newcastle United club at St. James’s Park is, without doubt, one of the finest football arenas in the country. It has not always been so, for until a few years ago there was a slope in the plot which was only levelled up at an enormous expense.

The ground, which altogether embraces an area of nine and a quarter acres, was, when it was last enlarged and enclosed with its immense structures of corrugated iron, believed to provide holding capacity for 52,000 spectators.

Its resources have, however, since been proved far in excess of official calculations, for on December 30th last, on the appearance of Sunderland at St. James’s Park, no fewer than 60,000 spectators were comfortably accommodated. The receipts on that occasion amounted to £1,600 11s 6d.

1906 St James Park
(Yorkshire Evening Post, 03-11-1906)

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