135 pass-out checks to Anfield stolen

Tuesday, November 6 – 1906
In the category of the small boy who creeps under the canvas tent of the traveling circus and sees the show for nothing, a solicitor on Tuesday urged the Liverpool Deputy Stipendiary to place Charles Whiteside, 20, who in company with John Maypother, 35, was charged with having stolen 135 pass-out checks of the Liverpool Association Football Club.

It appeared that the two men were machinists at an establishment where the pass-out checks were printed, and had in this way acquired the checks. Being suspicious that unofficial pass-out checks were being used the club authorities on the occasion of a match with Sheffield Wednesday issued tickets bearing the name “Sunderland,” and twenty nine Sheffield Wednesday tickets were passed through the turnstile. Then on the 26th October Notts County checks were issued instead of Manchester City, it being the custom to issue tickets bearing the name of the visiting team, and Manchester City cards were handed in.

Young fellows who had used the tickets confessed to having received them from Whiteside and Maypother, who were both given excellent characters by their master.

The magistrate descried the offence as a “little sporting swindle,” and discharged the prisoners with a caution.
(Manchester Courier, 07-11-1906)

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