Football auction for Manchester City’s suspended players

December 1, 1906
After the match at Hyde-road on Saturday the Manchester City officials opened negotiations for the transfer of their suspended players, the Football Association having decided that they might be disposed of on or after December 1. Representatives attended from Liverpool, Woolwich Arsenal, Manchester United, Leyton, and other clubs.

Manchester United were anxious to secure Sandy Turnbull, and as the City were not averse to his going to the Clayton club he was passed over to them, the business in this case only occupying a few minutes. Bearing in mind that other clubs were anxious to secure the clever inside left, the sum paid in connection with the deal was not an extravagant one.

George Livingston was disposed of to Glasgow Rangers at the figure of £175, the amount stipulated when the Scottish international inside right joined the City club from Liverpool.

Though rumour has associated the name of Herbert Burgess with Everton, Bolton Wanderers, as well as the Glasgow Celtic, he is likely to be seen in the ranks of the last named on January 1. Still nothing definite has been settled as yet. John Edmondson may be transferred to Bolton or Bradford City.

The engagement of players is not a matter which can always be settled in a moment. In the first place the directors of the respective clubs concerned have to come to terms, and after that the inclinations of the players have to be consulted.

The Manchester City directors spent three hours on Saturday evening negotiating with officials from other clubs. In several cases the preliminaries were satisfactorily arranged, and it is quite possible that within the next few days the whole of the players to be disposed of will be fixed up.
(Source: Manchester Courier: December 3, 1906)

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