The leaving of Manchester City

December 5 1906
It is stated on the highest authority that the announcement made last evening that Herbert Burgess, John Edmondson, and James Bannister had been transferred by Manchester City to Manchester United is premature.

Permission has simply been granted the United club to approach the players mentioned, a privilege also enjoyed by other organisations. Still, it is by no means beyond the range of possibility that these players will on January 1 be found the United ranks.

Negotiations were, however, completed yesterday for the transfer of Johnny McMahon and Frank Booth, the late right back and outside-left respectively of the City team, to Bury. The Gigg Laners have shown much enterprise in securing two players who were in such demand, and they should greatly strengthen two comparatively weak spots in their team. Booth should prove a worthy successor to that famous veteran, Jack Plant.

Neither will, of course, be able to play until January 1, on which day, it will be interesting to know, Bury visit Everton. Booth, who is a native of Hyde, joined the City team four years ago, and gained his international cap in 1904-5 when he played against Ireland at Middlesbrough. Woolwich, among other clubs, were anxious to secure his services, but he preferred not to go so far afield.
(Source: Manchester Courier: December 5, 1906)

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