Cold turkey for Tom Watson

December 29, 1906
A man may be famous under a certain name, but a slight variation may reduce him to the ranks of the unknown. This was proved the other day when a seasonable gift, a turkey, to wit, was dispatched from Birmingham for Mr. Tom Watson, secretary of the Liverpool Football Club.

The present was sent by railway train, and was addressed to “Mr. Watson, Breck Road, Anfield.” The gentleman was not known, and the parcel was returned to the railway station. Further inquiries showed that the parcel was intended for the Secretary of the Liverpool Football Club, and the railway officials were immensely annoyed at the mishap. Mr. Watson was, of course, well known to them, but he was known as Mr. Tom Watson.

Had the parcel been addressed in that was there would have been no difficulty in delivering it, but there was all the difference in the world between “Mr. Watson” and “Mr. Tom Watson.”
(Source: Bolton Evening News: December 29, 1906)


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