Football League meeting (December 31, 1906)

December 31, 1906
The monthly Management Committee meeting of the Football League was held Monday at the Midland Hotel, Manchester.

There were present: Messrs. John James Bentley, in the chair, H.S. Radford, John McKenna, Dr James Baxter, H. Keys, William Macgregor, John Lewis, and Tom Charnley (secretary).

The most important business was the consideration of the complaint against Manchester City by Everton, who held that the first-named club had not fulfilled a stamped agreement giving Everton first opportunity to approach Herbert Burgess with a view to that player’s transfer, the said agreement having been signed when Everton parted with Percy Hill to City. Burgess, though present, was not called on, and representatives of both clubs gave evidence.

After a lengthy hearing it was decided that in the circumstances Manchester City should not benefit by the transfer fee received for Burgess from Manchester United, and that the difference between this sum and the £600 paid by City to Everton for Hill be equally divided between Manchester and Liverpool charities to be selected by each club.

The request of Clapton Orient that the Second League clubs be geographically divided for purposes of allowance of visiting teams expenses had been decided by the president, and his decision as given below was confirmed, viz.:
North: Barnsley, Blackpool, Burnley, Bradford, Glossop, Grimsby, Hull, Leeds, and Stockport County.
Midlands: Burslem, Burton, Chesterfield, Gainsborough, Leicester, Lincoln, Nottingham, West Bromwich, and Wolves, the Northern clubs to receive £20 and the Midland clubs £15.

Sunderland were reported for having increased the transfer fees of sixteen of their players from the end of last season, and these were ordered to be put back to the original sums.

Reduction of transfer fees.
Several transfer fees were reduced. Thus Gordon Howard, on the Leeds list at £100, was reduced to £20, and Bill Berry, Sunderland, who went from Tottenham to Manchester United, to £40, and Bill McCafferty, from Bolton Wanderers to Birmingham, from £100 to £75. The case of Fred Wilkinson, who is on the Grimsby list at £100, was left to the president, and no action was taken in the case of Ted Collins, of Wolves.

Liverpool were fined a guineas for failing to register Jack Lipsham, though that player has been on the F.A. list since the 9th of May, while the explanations of the late arrivals of clubs, referees, and linesmen through recent inclement weather were all accepted, though Burslem Port Vale will be asked to explain their dilatory arrival at West Bromwich.

Postponed matches.
The arrangements to play postponed matches were left to the clubs concerned, and the date fixed for Bradford City v Barnsley, namely, the 1st of January, confirmed.
(Manchester Courier: January 1, 1907)

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