Bolton Wanderers v Liverpool 3-0 (League match: January 1, 1907)

January 1, 1907
Key note: “There seems to me to be something wrong with the Anfield works. Liverpool have not scored a goal this holiday-time. Extraordinary, isn’t it? I shall be glad when Saturday comes, so that I can see them against Blackburn Rovers. This ought to be a close game, for the Rovers have improved beyond doubt in the last two months. The reason of the Reds’ inability to score is hard to find. It may be that the men are not well, or that the going doesn’t suit them – this latter is hardly probable in view of the work they did on sticky turf last season – or that it is simply a reaction. Would it not be nearer the mark to say it was the outcome of a questionable method of training – special training at Southport. Let me be quite fair. The men found Edmondson yesterday in resplendent form. He wanted to demonstrate that his power of pushing den clouds away was not lost nor yet lessened by his enforced absence, and it is true that Liverpool played a strong, keen game in the first thirty minutes. It was a hard fight during that period. Once the Wanderers had tasted blood there was no spirit on the part of the visitors. Downhearted? There’s no doubt about it. However, there is every hope that against Blackburn on Saturday a big crowd will be recompensed by a home victory of a substantial order. A long and strong pull, Raisbeck, and you will retain the warm spot in the supporters’ hearts.” (Liverpool Echo: January 2, 1907)

Match: Football League, First Division, at Burden Park, kick-off: 14:15.
Bolton Wanderers – Liverpool 3-0 (1-0).
Attendance: 20,000.
Referee: Mr. T.P. Campbell.
Bolton Wanderers (2-3-5): John Edmondson, Bert Baverstock, Jack Stanley, Arthur Gaskell, Bob Clifford, John Boyd, David Stokes, Jackie Owen, Albert Shepherd, Wattie White, Marshall McEwan.
Liverpool (2-3-5): Sam Hardy, Percy Saul, Tom Chorlton, George Latham, Alex Raisbeck (C), James Hughes, Arthur Goddard, Robert Robinson, Sam Raybould, William Macpherson, John Cox.
The goals: 1-0 Stokes (16 min.), 2-0 Gaskell (62 min.), 3-0 Owen (85 min.)

Match reports:
* Manchester Courier: “Bolton again beat Liverpool”;



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