Blackburn Rovers Reserves v Liverpool Reserves 2-3 (League match: January 5, 1907)

January 5, 1907
Reserves, Lancashire League, at Ewood Park.
Blackburn Rovers Reserves – Liverpool Reserves 2-3 (1-3).
Blackburn Rovers Reserves (2-3-5): Willie McIver, Smith, France, Burton, Crompton, Bowman +5.
Liverpool Reserves (2-3-5): Ned Doig, Arthur Beard, Tom Chorlton, Maurice Parry, James Gorman, George Latham, John McKenna, Jack Parkinson, Joe Hewitt, John Carlin, Jack Lipsham.
The goals: 0-1 Parkinson (5 min.), 1-1 Burton, 1-2 Parkinson, 1-3 Parkinson, 2-3 Crompton.
** Match also counted as McIver’s benefit.

Played at Blackburn, before a good gate. Liverpool won the toss, and at once took up the attack, Parkinson scoring after five minutes. From the centre kick the Rovers went down, Doig saving twice, but eventually Burton equalised for the Rovers.

Smith was hurt and left the field, the Rovers playing the one-back game. Parkinson put the visitors ahead, and the same player added another before the interval. Half time: Liverpool three, Rovers one.

Smith reappeared in the home team on the resumption. The visitors pressed, and McIvor was kept busy. The Rovers next went down, but the ball was placed outside. Several chances were lost to the visitors through offside. The Rovers went down, and Crompton scored from a pass by Bowman. When nicely going, the Rovers spoiled a good chance by offside, but in the next minute Doig brought off a capital save from a header by Crompton. Final score: Liverpool three, Rovers two.
(Cricket and Football Field: January 5, 1907)


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