Liverpool v Birmingham 2-1 (FA Cup: January 12, 1907)

January 12, 1907
Key note: “When these clubs were drawn together a month ago the prospects of last season’s champions entering Round 2, were considered very bright, but in the interint Liverpool’s impotency as goalscorers had caused a decided change of opinion, so that Birmingham were expected by many to draw if not win outright in the game under notice. And yet even the Brums had been moving meagerly of late. Neither club are exactly in the first flight as Cup fighters and they are included in the minority of First Leaguers who have never even posed as finalists. They therefore figure in the ‘try again’ list. Birmingham were in the happy position of being able to place their best team out – the identical side which played so well at Newcastle a week ago. But Liverpool were not in like ease; for Alf West, Maurice Parry and Tom Chorlton were still unable to assist. Robinson was tried at right half, whilst Macpherson partnered Goddard, and Raybould returned to his former position of inside left. The question as to who should figure at centre-forward, was not decided until just before the start. It was just a question between Parkinson and Joe Hewitt, the former being eventually selected.” (Cricket and Football Field: January 12, 1907)

Match: FA Cup, First Round, at Anfield, kick-off: 14:30.
Liverpool – Birmingham 2-1 (1-0).
Attendance: 20,000: Gate receipt: £500.
Referee: Mr. J.T. Ibbotson; linesmen: Messrs. H. Holmes and H. Dudley.
Liverpool (2-3-5): Sam Hardy, Percy Saul, Billy Dunlop, Robert Robinson, Alex Raisbeck (C), James Bradley, Arthur Goddard, William Macpherson, Jack Parkinson, Sam Raybould, John Cox.
Birmingham (2-3-5): Nat Robinson, John Glover, Frank Stokes, Billy Beer, Walter Wigmore, Jim Dougherty, Rowland Harper, Benny Green, Bill Jones, Arthur Mounteney, Geordie Anderson.
The goals: 1-0 Raybould (17 min., assist; Macpherson), 2-0 Raybould (70 min., assist: Macpherson), 2-1 Green (penalty, 71 min.).

Sam Raybould scored with an overhead kick.
1905 Sketch Sam Raybould 7 October Football Echo

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