Liverpool Reserves beat Nelson 2-0

January 23, 1907
Liverpool started well, having the wind at their backs, and the Nelson defenders were kept busy. However, Featherstone was in capital form, making many good clearances. Nelson was unfortunate in not scoring for Doig fumbled a shot from Duckworth, and scrambled out to the penalty line before he got the ball away. It was a lucky off for Liverpool, who took advantage of their luck to again put on pressure, but the Nelson defence was not to be beaten. Aided by the wind Lipsham scored for Liverpool. This was the only point registered up to half-time.

In the second half Featherstone saved a series of good shots in clever fashion. The Nelson defence generally was magnificent. Nelson were a player short for a time, but held their own well and made determined efforts to draw level. On one occasion Doig just managed with outstretched feet to save a good shot from Bow. Smith threw away a great chance of equalising by shooting over the bar. Hughes scored a second goal for Liverpool from a penalty kick and the game ended Liverpool Reserves 2, Nelson 0.

Liverpool Reserves: Ned Doig, Arthur Beard, Harry Griffiths, Sam Hignett, James Gorman, James Hughes, John McKenna, George Latham, Robert Blanthorne, Joe Hewitt, Jack Lipsham.
Nelson: Featherstone, Sonter, Prosser, Jimmy Ainsworth, Morgan, Savage, Duckworth, Bow, Smith, Kenyon, Simpson.
(Source: Burnley Gazette: January 23, 1907)


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