Liverpudliana: By Richard Samuel (February 2 – 1907)

Saturday, February 2 – 1907
A tame game at Anfield.
Liverpool’s victory over Birmingham was easily accomplished, and served a useful purpose in lifting the Reds out of the danger zone, but very few of the 14,000 spectators would consider themselves fully repaid for leaving home and warmth. This was nothing pulse-stirring after the first ten minutes; in fact, it was common-place, savouring of two elevens engaged in an argument, with very little at stake.

At the outset, Sam Raybould’s shooting and Alex Raisbeck’s pot-shots were really promising, but the Midland Robinson (Nat Robinson) picked them up with a keen relish. These introductory items gave birth to high anticipations, but, personally, I felt disappointed with subsequent renderings.

Birmingham never seriously challenged the distribution of points, and Sam Hardy has seldom put in a colder 90 minutes. There wasn’t even the saving grace of enthusiasm in view to warm him. Perhaps it was comforting to read in the home team a disposition to save themselves for Oldham’s deposition to-day!

But forgive me, if there has been an earthquake this afternoon!

There were one or two items of good cheer, however. Billy Dunlop’s leviathan kicking was reminiscent of his best day. James Bradley was neat, John Cox gave satisfaction in a quiet way, and Raybould shot with determination that bespoke a possible early addition to his season’s score list.

Jack Parkinson did as much as Walter Wigmore would allow. The latter knew full well that if Parkinson’s wheels were scotched the Anfield machinery wouldn’t work too brilliantly – and it didn’t.

Robert Robinson at half-back beat his opponents cleverly, but he shouldn’t then seek to elaborate and – lose the ball. Far better to give it instanter to his forwards. This is where Liverpool’s right wing feels the absence of Maurice Parry, yet Robinson is quite capable of remedying the defeat named.

William Macpherson was seldom prominent, whilst John McKenna made a highly creditable debut. I have witnessed real live present day Internationalists make a far less impressive beginning. He controlled the ball nicely, but as yet he wants rather much room to work in, and could do with a trifle more speed – needed, of course, when opposing fast backs.
(Cricket and Football Field, 02-09-1907)


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