Public inquiry into the death of ex-Liverpool player William Walker

Wednesday, February 20 – 1907
Yesterday, in Edinburgh Sheriff Court – before Sheriff Gardner Miller and a jury – a public inquiry under the Fatal Accidents Inquiry (Scotland) Act was conducted into the circumstances of the death of William Walker, who resided at Holygate, Broxburn, and was a professional footballer. He was in the Leith Football Club, Limited, and died from injuries received in a match between the Leith and Vale of Leven clubs.

William Walker.
William Walker

Mr. Renton, procurator-fiscal, conducted the case on behalf of the Crown.

To assist the jurymen, Mr. Renton submitted a plan of the football field at Logie Green.

John Sandie, engine-man, 107 High Street, Edinburgh, said he was a director of the Leith club, Limited. On Saturday, 12th January, a match took place between the Leith and Vale of Leven clubs at Logie Green, Edinburgh. In that match the deceased was playing in the inside right position.

Witness was a linesman. Mr. McLauchlan, Alloa, was referee. At half-time Leith was leading by 1 goal to 0. Further evidence showed that while Walker was shooting for goal Barr, one of the Leven backs, put up his foot to stop the ball, when he struck Walker on the stomach. Walker retired, but resumed for a few minutes. At the end of the game he went to the Infirmary and was kept a week.

Returning to the institution he was operated on, and died the following day. The game was a very rough one.
The jury found that Barr was not culpably responsible for the accident, and added a rider to their verdict to the effect that in their opinion the rules against rough play should be strictly enforced.
(Dundee Courier, 21-02-1907)

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