James Gorman: Alex Raisbecks understudy

February 25, 1907
To satisfactorily fill the position usually occupied by such an artist as Alex Raisbeck, the Liverpool centre half, is a truly difficult task, but since the Anfield captain has been incapacitated by influenza and ts legacies, James Gorman has proved a rare substitute. Born at Middlesbrough in 1883, he filed the part of right half-back for a youths’ team, yclept St. Mary’s, and when eighteen became a regular player in the Newport Celtic team, which was connected with the South Bank and District League.

For a season, Gorman disported himself with this club, in his original position, and the following autumn transferred his services to South Bank, a prominent organisation attached to the Northern League. There he drifted into the forward line, and for two years he occupied, at various times, every position in the front rank, and the right and left half-back posts. But centre half, which now seems to be his natural place, became his by accident after coming to Liverpool. As a matter of fact, when South Bank played Middlesbrough “A” in the Final-tie for the Cleveland Senior Cup Gorman was the centre forward on the losing side.

Having served a couple of terms with South Bank, Gorman joined Darlington St. Augustine’s (owing to a change of residence), and was tried at centre half-back, where he displayed such form that he became the regular man in this onerous position. He was recommended to Mr. Tom Watson by a friend of Alex Raisbeck, and after a trial was promptly signed by the Liverpool secretary.

With the Reserve team he usually played as a forward, and for two years his abilities as a half-back lay dormant. Eight weeks ago Mr. John Fare, of New Brighton, one of the directors, who takes the keenest interest in the doings of the Reserve team, drafted him to centre half. Giving promise of skill he was retained in that post, and, when Raisbeck was unable to play, was immediately promoted to the League eleven as the fly-wheel of the intermediate line.

Weighing 11st. 5lb., and standing 5ft. 8½in., he is physically fitted for a half-back. Although not yet in the fore-front he looks like a coming Leaguer, being zealous and untiring, and placing well to hos forwards. There is plenty of football in Gorman, and he is developing on proper lines.
(Source: Athletic News: February 25, 1907)

James Gorman, Liverpool F.C. (Athletic News: February 285, 1907.


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