Manchester City v Liverpool 1-0 (League match: March 2, 1907)

March 2, 1907
Key note: “Liverpool had hitherto obtained such a mastery over Manchester City in the League tournament – they had won nine and drawn two of the thirteen contests between the clubs – that I presume they thought they had just to visit Hyde Road and acquire the points without undue exertion in view of a certain engagement on the following Saturday. They reckoned without the clock, however. Had the game been of 87 minutes duration they would at least have evaded defeat, but three minutes from the end, after presumably having held their opponents well within bounds, Grieve, the inside right of the City, upset their calculations completely. What he did was to score a goal, the only one of the match, which gave the City both points. It was a capital goal, too. Grieve hitherto had been plying his partner with passes, but on this special occasion he feinted and went ahead himself, and planted the ball into the net. Up to that point the 20,000 spectators had had nothing to enthuse over, but they did not forget to relieve themselves then.” (Athletic News: March 4, 1907)

Match: Football League, First Division, at Hyde Road, kick-off: 15:30.
Manchester City – Liverpool 1-0 (0-0).
Attendance: 20,000.
Referee: Mr. T.P. Campbell; linesmen: Messrs.: W.j. Archer and T. Lomax.
Manchester City (2-3-5): Frank Davies, Percy Hill, Tommy Kelso, George Dorsett, John Wilkinson, James Buchan, George Stewart, Robert Grieve, Billy Jones, David Ross, Jimmy Conlin.
Liverpool (2-3-5): Ned Doig, Percy Saul, Billy Dunlop, Robert Robinson, James Gorman, James Bradley, Arthur Goddard, William Macpherson, Joe Hewitt, Sam Raybould, John Cox.
The goal: 1-0 Grieve (87 min.).

Robert Grieve, Manchester City F.C. (Athletic News: March 18, 1907).


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