St. Andrews: Birmingham F.C. football ground

March 2, 1907
This club was first formed under the title of the Small Heath Alliance in 1875, and played for about two years on “waste land.” They then moved to an enclosed ground in Ladypool Lane, Sparkbrook. In 1877 they occupied their late headquarters at Muntz Street, Small Heath, renting the ground for the sum of £5 from September to April. On July 24, 1888, the club became known as the Small Heath Football Club (Limited).

The new ground at St. Andrews, where the club play under the title of the Birmingham Football Club (Limited), was recently opened by the Lord Mayor. The turf area is 123 yards by 83 yards, providing a four yards’ margin round the playing pitch, which measures 115 yards by 75 yards. This is surrounded by a six yards’ cinder running track, so that the spectators are a clear ten yards from the touch-line.

At one point there are 110 tiers of 13 in. tread, rising by 5in to a height of 47ft., and at the lowest point there are 82 terraces. Behind the Tilton Road goal it is intended to put up a covering to protect at least 12,000 people.

The grand stand, 123 yards long, will accommodate 6,000; 5,000 being able to stand on the 19 terraces in front.

It is computed that the ground will hold 75,000 people.

1906 St Andrews Birmingham
(Yorkshire Evening Post: March 2, 1907)

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