A valuable Sheffield goal

March 11, 1907
Sheffield Wednesday v Liverpool.
This tie at Sheffield found the weather splendidly adapted for the gathering together of a great crowd, and also for an excellent display of football. The visitors won the toss, and immediately the home team became the aggressors, Stewart only just being thwarted in the first minute through Hardy’s splendid activity. This resulted in a long goal kick and a long spell of attack on the Wednesday goal, Cox being conspicuous in many advances. When Wednesday found relief it was all Hardy could do to save from Wilson, the young International taking the ball almost from the off the centre’s toes, and affecting a splendid clearance. Then Liverpool had another spell of attacking, the Wednesday rearguard being very actively employed, and twice Burton had to bestir himself in the shape of magnificent returns to beat off the visitors’ right.

Through his vigilance Sheffield got into the Liverpool goal-mouth, Hardy brought off another of his many splendid clearances. It was left to Cox, though a fine dribble, to bring about a chance of operations, but Crawshaw beat the Liverpool men back grandly. Just before the interval Parkinson was very nearly through when Layton stopped him, half-time arriving with a blank sheet.

This came out to Wilson and Stewart, who by careful play managed to get the ball out to G. Simpson, who, unattended, dropped in a beautiful centre. This came to Chapman on the opposite wing, and he shot the ball out of the reach of Hardy after five minutes’ play. Wednesday dashed down again, but the ball was cleared, and Cox once more maneuvered prettily. It took Burton all his time to dispose of an accurate centre.

Once more did Cox give the Sheffield defence much anxiety, his centre being only cleared at the expense of a fruitless corner. When Wednesday advanced they found the Liverpool defence as sound as ever, their dash seeming to have more effect, however, than the visitors. Nearing the end Brittleton have Hardy a long shot to save, which he safely negotiated. In the end Wednesday gained a handsome victory by the only goal score.

Result: Sheffield Wednesday, 1; Liverpool, 0.

Sheffield Wednesday: Jack Lyall, Willie Layton, Harry Burton, Tom Brittleton, Percy Crawshaw, William Bartlett, Vivien Simpson, Harry Chapman, Andrew Wilson, Jimmy Stewart, George Simpson.
Liverpool: Sam Hardy, Percy Saul, Billy Dunlop, Robert Robinson, James Gorman, James Bradley, Arthur Goddard, William Macpherson, Jack Parkinson, Sam Raybould, John Cox.
Referee, Mr. Nat Whittaker (London).

We are officially informed that 37,830 paid for admission, the gate receipts amounting to £1,327 1s. 6d., this being a record.
(Source: Sporting Life: March 11, 1907)


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