Liverpudliana: By Richard Samuel (April 13, 1907)

April 13, 1907
Liverpool gossip.
Turning to our Anfield neighbours, a somewhat similar condition of things prevails respecting 1907-8 bookings. Mr. Tom Watson has been doing a bit of Highland work during the past week, and when I inquired if it were new players he was in search of, along the Anfield 134 line, the answer ran: “I don’t think so.”

We shall see.

If not players, one wonders what it can be? Surely not to unearth more soil for Spion Kop! For Scotland is not to-day quite the “nursery ground” it was a few years ago.

I suppose I shall be expected to say a few words on Derby County’s match with Liverpool. It was by no means a grand affair – one almost pitied Derby in their weakness. They sadly needed the steadying influence of one of their old generals, Jimmy Methven or Charlie Morris, also the presence of that wonderful rifleman Stephen Bloomer.

They seemed minus genuine propelling power, and were also entirely rudderless – had it not been for the splendid sculling of the long-armed Harry Maskrey. I should say only a miracle can now keep the Peak-county’s head above water, little other than straws being left to clutch at. They were so poor in attack and so dreadfully nervous and uncertain in defence (save Maskrey) that Liverpool might very easily have won by six or seven goals.

John Cox played splendidly for the Reds, and is having a wonderful wind up – as is Percy Saul.

Ned Doig seemed nearly as nimble as ever, and Joe Hewitt’s fine finishing goal raised hopes of renewed power for another season. Liverpool have had much to contend with during 1906-7. Perhaps 1907-8 will bring them a maximum spell of sunshine again.
(Cricket and Football Field: April 13, 1907)


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