Editor’s note-book: Liverpool’s season

Monday, April 29 – 1907
We have ceased to feel surprise at anything the Anfielders perform. They commenced their season as they are ending it, with a series of rank failures and displays of third-rate football. Last April they were Champions; this year they are – well, not in the Second Division, which is something to be thankful for.

They have not been over-burdened with luck, and the feeble displays given recently by the team have acted detrimentally on the treasury receipts. Liverpool have fared neither better nor worse than we anticipated; we pointed out the weak places in the League eleven at the opening of the campaign, and subsequent happenings have verified our statement entirely.

What is required ere next September is the acquisition of new men to strengthen the frail places, and we have sufficient confidence in the club’s directors to anticipate such a consummation during the next four months.

New Anfield will be a splendid enclosure when complete, and we trust the club will commence straightaway with the erection of the new stand. It will be quickly paid for, especially if another season prove wet. And now we must bid adieu to our readers for a few weeks. We shall publish our “Programme” on Monday for the last time this season, and the now familiar grey cover will not be seen again until September next.

We thank our readers for their splendid support, and part with them as with friends, eagerly anticipating the joy of another meeting in the near future.
(The joint Everton and Liverpool Match Programme, 29-04-1907)

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