Liverpudliana: By Richard Samuel (May 11, 1907)

May 11, 1907
Liverpool F.C. gossip.
Things in the Liverpool camp are more tranquil than was the case a year ago, when the signal was being given for pulling down Old Anfield. The work of ground reconstruction has proved more lengthy and arduous than we could have thought for.

The rearing of the great terraced embankment at the Walton Breck goal end had been proceeding continuously for just a year, but we are nearing the summit of things. In another fortnight or thereabout the earth purveyors will apply the closure, and then “Spion Kop” will be trimmed off to completion. The stairs to this gallery will be erected at each end, and they should constitute genuine lung exercisers.

Anfield players, past and present.
* Sam Raybould is reported to have joined forces with Sunderland.
* Harry Fitzpatrick, Liverpool’s new inside left from Luton, joined the latter after leaving the Army. He is a native of Merseyside.
(Cricket and Football Field: May 11, 1907)


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