Manchester City F.C. balance sheet 1906-07

May 22, 1907
The shareholders of the Manchester City club have now received the report and balance-sheet of the past season’s working, and after the hard time the club has gone through no doubt they will be content that, though there is a loss of £153 13s 3d., the end of the season saw the club with cash in the bank to the amount of £758 17s.

In order to secure players to replace their old suspended team, the huge sum of £5,570 19s. 5d. was spent in transfer fees and other necessaries, while the alterations to the ground cost £1,535 4s. 10d.

The turnover amounted to £15,332 1s. 7d., gate receipts realising £11,895 5s. 9d., as compared with £9,525 in 1905, and £10,747 in 1906. Season tickets have realised £926 15s., as against £1,196 in 1905, and £1,055 in 1906. The amount received for the transfer of the late City players was £2,725.

On the other side of the account the principal items are: Players’ wages, £4,713 13s.; travelling and hotel expenses, including special training, £1,485 2s. 5d.; medial attendance, £62 6s. 6d.; groundsmen, trainers, and assistants’ wages, £402 2s.; gatemen, checkers, and police, £410 19s. 2d.; referees and linesmen, £86 12s. 9d.; advertising, billposting, printing, &c., £317 18s. 4d.; postages, telegrams, telephone, &c., £90 6s. 10d.; office wages and audit, £450 10s. 10d.; special accountancy and sundry expenses, £111 10s. 9d.; repairs and additions, £232 15s. 6d.; rent, rates, taxes, gas, and water, £417 16s. 8d.; FA and League fines, £420 10s.; and bad debts, £71 1s. 4d.

The assets of the club are valued at £6,138 17s. 10d., and there is a balance to the credit of the revenue account of £3,728 9s. 11d.

In 1905, when only £890 was paid for the transfers of players, there was a profit shown of £890, whilst last season, when transfers cost £775, the profit was £707 14s.
(Source: Manchester Courier: May 22, 1907; via © 2018 Findmypast Newspaper Archive Limited

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