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“McVean was a native of the Vale of Leven, and was a prominent player for the local club, thereafter joining Third Lanark and Liverpool. In the latter club he was associated with the famous Jimmy Ross, and the pair was considered one of the finest wings in England. Acting on the suggestion of Jack Hillman and Bob Kelso, Dundee secured McVean in 1897, and although he played many fine games at Carolina Park, his form was too erratic to be altogether satisfactory. McVean was of a sociable disposition, and being gifted with a rare fund of dry humour, was a most interesting companion.” (Dundee Courier: November 11, 1907)

DID YOU KNOW that when a Canadian “soccer”-touring party visited Great Britain in 1891 they played in total 57 matches, the first match was against Third Lanark, who gave trial to Vale of Leven’s Malcolm McVean, who scored the opening goal against the Canadians? The first goal registered on their 1891-92 tour.

Born: March 7, 1871:  Bonhill (Dunbartonshire), in Scotland.
Passed away: June 6, 1907: Bonhill (Dunbartonshire), in Scotland.

Position: Outside right, but played in most forward positions.

Height: 168 cm. (5ft. 6in.);
Weight: 65 kilos (10st. 3lb.).
** Height and weight source: Athletic News: April 17, 1893.

Vale Wanderers, 1889.
Vale of Leven: Signed: 1890.
Accrington: Signed: December, 1890.
Third Lanark: Signed: August, 1891.
* Trial with Sunderland Albion: September, 1891.
** Transferred to Liverpool.
Liverpool: Signed: July 6, 1892 (outside Football League).
Liverpool: Signed: August 4, 1893;
* registered with the Football League: August 5, 1893;
* eligible for Liverpool F.C. in official matches: September 1, 1893.
* re-signed contract: May 25, 1895.
* re-signed contract: July 18, 1896.
** Transferred to Burnley for £150. (note: some papers claim that both McVean and James Ross were transferred, other that they were loaned out.) – see note further down.
Burnley: Signed: March 19, 1897.
** Transferred to Dundee.
Dundee: Signed: May 10, 1897.
* Registered with the Scottish League: May 18, 1897.
** Transferred to Bedminster.
Bedminster: Signed: May, 1898.
** Transferred to Clydebank.
Clydebank: Signed: August, 1899.
Renton: Signed: August, 1900.

* The transfer from Liverpool to Burnley with Jimmy Ross was very a “speculative” one. Burnley, in danger of playing test matches to survive in the First Division, strengthened their team when four matches remained of the regular season. League ruling at time said that a player playing a test match for a club must have played four League matches prior.

Dunbartonshire Select XI 1-0: (v. East of Scotland: February 1, 1890)
Football League Second Division Winner: 1893-94 (Liverpool), 1895-96 (Liverpool).
Lancashire League Winner: 1892-93 (Liverpool).
Liverpool Cup Winner: 1892-93 (Liverpool).

Malcolm McVean

Cricket and Football Field: May 4, 1895.
McVean test match 1895

Birth certificate, 1871.
Malcolm McVean birth certificate IMalcolm McVean birth certificate II Malcolm McVean birth certificate III

Death certificate, 1907.
Malcolm McVean death certificate IMalcolm McVean death certificate IIMalcolm McVean death certificate III

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