A busy week in the football world awaits

June 7, 1909
This week will be a busy one in the football world, and for more than one club it will be big with fate. To-morrow the annual meeting of the League will be held in London, when the “coming of age” will be celebrated by a banquet at the Holborn Restaurant. The election of clubs will come up for consideration, Blackpool and Chesterfield, who finished in the last two places, being challenged, as it were, by Stoke, whose subscriptions to the League entrance fee of £300 have reached £169, Rotherham Town, Lincoln City.

There is a rumour that an effort will be made to reduce the Lancashire representatives. Mr. John James Bentley is not opposed as president, but Mr John Cameron (Newcastle United) has been proposed as a vice-president in addition to the two present vice-presidents – Messrs. John Lewis and John McKenna. For the First Division representatives, Messrs Dr James Baxter (Everton), Arthur Dickinson (Sheffield Wednesday),  John Lewis (Blackburn Rovers), and T.E. Harris (Notts County), have been nominated, a fifth candidate having withdrawn. Last year Messrs Baxter and Cameron were elected. For the second Division seats Messrs Charles Sutcliffe and H. Keys (present members) are opposed by Captain Wells Holland (Clapton Orient) and Mr H.G. Norris (Fulham).
(Manchester Courier: June 7, 1909)

Arthur Dickinson, the Football League (Lancashire Evening Post: October 1, 1898).


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