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“For his size, probably the most brilliant and successful player produced in the Midlands. Sturdy, though small, he could dribble through opponents with astonishing ease and grace. In his day he had no local rival, and was scarcely overshadowed by his great captain, Archie Hunter. As a pair, they were simply formidable in many games as centreforwards. Full of grit, good-tempered, and a magnificent worker, he shone in any company. Made a big mark in international games and was not exactly overburdened with honours. Can still control a ball and is today, as ever, a fine Villa comrade.”
(The Villa News and Record; September 1 1906)

Born: March 15, 1859: Aston (Midlands), England.
Passed away: July 1, 1907: Aston (Midlands), England.

Position: Centre forward.


Florence F.C.
Aston Unity.
Aston Villa: August, 1878.
Mitchell St. George’s: August, 1879.
Birchfield Trinity.
Excelsior F.C.
Aston Villa: February, 1880.
* 1880-81: 3-0 (FA Cup);
* 1881-82: 5-4 (FA Cup);
* 1882-83: 5-4 (FA Cup);
* 1883-84: 3-4 (FA Cup);
* 1884-85: 4-2 (FA Cup);
* 1885-86: 2-1 (FA Cup).
** Retired due to injury: May 1886.

England A 3-4.


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