The new Spion Kop will be an oasis

Monday, August 10 – 1907
Matters in a structural sense have not progressed in quite the manner hoped for within the Liverpool camp.

It was hoped that the new covered stand would have been well on in course of erection ere this, but at the eleventh hour some hitch has occurred between the club and the owners of the land situated at the rear of the prospective stand respecting terms. I understand the club directors met again last evening to discuss the situation.

However, it is the directors’ intention to make an immediate start with that part of the stand which will adjoin the present goal-line terracing. I wish the directors a speedy exit out of all their ground’s improvement troubles, which are as hampering as they have been manifold.

The great Spion Kop is, however, completed, which fact must be relief. It has been nicely finished off and railed all round. There are ample entrances and exit arrangement, and the grass, which now almost covers the slopes at the rear part thereof, is steadily becoming more pleasing to the eye.

A Liverpool official said to me that instead of Spion Kop being an eye sore, as many suggested, it will really constitute an oasis in the dry-land desert surrounding Walton Breck-rd.! The huge bank will accommodate 17,000 people, and provided the new stand can be completed in time for the Christmas  matches all will be well.

The players commenced training on Thursday with the exception of Alf West, who has been holidaying at his native Nottingham, and possibly had become infatuated with the Coventry Pageant on route for Liverpool.
(Cricket and Football Field, 10-08-1907)

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Spion Kop


  1. Thanks Kjell, very interesting that the completed Kop in 1907 only held 17,000. I know when the renovation in 1928 were complete the capacity increased to 28,000, but I was of the opinion that this was a minor increase from what it was in 1907. However an 11,000 increase means the work in 1928 was more substantial than I thought.
    I notice the article also refers to Alf West, strangely I took his grandson around Anfield only yesterday!!!

    with best regards,


    1. Hi Ray,

      I just added another interesting article from 1906 “success begets success”. One chapter saying “By the way, there are other items of news concerning Liverpool F.C. that will be of interest. It is said that original intentions are not to be carried out, concerning the re-modelling of the playing part. The goals are not to be put where the sides formerly were; they will be kept at the Anfield and Oakfield-rd ends as heretofore.”


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