Editor’s notebook: Alert Anfielders

September 2, 1907
Liverpool have exercised an economic policy in securing recruits, and those players engaged have, in the majority of cases, to make reputation. This is a course of procedure that has many redeeming features, and what we have seen of the newcomers has impressed us very favorably regarding their abilities.

Many difficulties have been experienced by the management with respect to the proposed construction of the new grand stand, and the cause of the delay cannot be ascribed to the directors, who were naturally anxious to have it in readiness for occupation at the earliest possible date. The ground itself has never been in finer condition, and what we now require is a team capable of displaying first class football upon it.

There appears to be no scarcity of clever forward at the disposal of the club, and it is in the rear ranks that we must look for awkward possibilities arising if misfortunes perchance again befall the defenders. This, at least, is how the situation appeals to us, and we shall await the results of the opening League matches with somewhat anxious feelings.

The half-backs are tried and experienced performers, and if they show no diminution of ability, the chances are that Liverpool will enjoy a successful campaign. But much depends on this portion of the team, and we shall be delighted if the trip sustain their reputation. It should not be forgotten that this year it is Liverpool’s turn to come out of the campaign with flying colours.
(Source: Joint Everton and Liverpool Match Programme: September 2, 1907)

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