Everton Reserves v Liverpool Reserves 3-1 (League match: September 2, 1907))

September 2, 1907
Reserves, Lancashire Combination, at Goodison Park. Kick-off: 17:45.
Everton Reserves – Liverpool Reserves 3-1 (2-0).
Attendance: 20,000.
Referee: Mr. T.P. Campbell.
Everton Reserves (2-3-5): Donald Sloan; William Stevenson, Jack Crelly; Hugh Adamson, Jock Maconnachie, Thomas Chadwick; George Couper, Robert Graham, Thomas Jones, Harry Mountford, Arthur Winterhalder.
Liverpool Reserves (2-3-5): Edward Husbands; Harry Griffiths, Billy Dunlop; Tom Chorlton, James Gorman, James Hughes; Mike Griffin, Robert Robinson, Jack Parkinson, Sam Bowyer, Allan Ramsay.
The goals: 1-0 Winterhalder (pen.), 2-0 Winterhalder, 3-0 Jones, 3-1 Bowyer (85 min).

That the many thousand enthusiasts in Liverpool were anxiously waiting to welcome the opening of the football was evidenced by the splendid attendance at Goodison Park last evening. Both Everton and Liverpool League teams were engaged away from home, and it was therefore left to the Combination teams to open the season.

The weather was in great contrast to the opening match of last season, when the games were played in tropical heat. The continuous rain of the forenoon, had made the turf (which looked particularly well) somewhat heavy, whilst further showers as the teams appeared did not improve matters. The new double decker stand was well patronised, and at the time for starting there would be fully 12,000 spectators, and the crowd was later largely augmented. The teams were heartily cheered on their appearance.

Parkinson started, but the Everton front rank were the first to get going and within a couple of minutes, Graham had hard lines with a well-judged shot within rebounded into play from the crossbar.

Clever play by Robinson, Parkinson, and Griffin enabled the latter to test Sloan, the home keeper, however, keeping his charge intact. The enthusiasm of the spectators was raised to high pitch by the clever play of the Liverpool front rank, Parkinson, Robinson and Bowyer each shooting from short range, but without success.

Winterhalder and Mountford next gained possession, and Jones making ground from the inside left’s deft pass, parted out to Winterhalder, who rasping shot, Husband cleverly saved, and Griffin came away with a good dribble, his centre however, being missed by Parkinson, Bowyer, and Ramsay. Adamson robbed the latter, and placed the Everton front rank in possession. They were quickly, in close proximity to the visitors goal, where Gorman tripped Jones in the penalty area. Winterhalder was entrusted with the penalty kick, and placed the ball well out of Husbands’ reach in the corner of the net.

The Reds made a brief attack, Stevenson conceding a corner, which was safely negotiated. Jones showed a fine turn of speed, but shot straight into Husbands hands. Maconnachie repeating this with a long shot a moment later. Sloan was next in difficulties and sought refuge in throwing outside when on his knees.

Another goal fell to Everton through Winterhalder’s cleverness and speed, Griffiths, the visiting right back, skied the ball towards his own goal and before he could recover Winterhalder had fastened on to the ball and out pacing all opposition scored a brilliant goal.

Although Everton had a clear two goals lead they did not relax their efforts, and Husbands goal was again in jeopardy. Offside against Graham relieved the pressure, but Adamson tried a long shot with no success. Play slackened somewhat afterwards, the players feeling the effects of a drenching rain which swept across the field –Everton, however, continued to have the best of matters. Half-time Everton 2, Liverpool nil.

The resumption was made in fine weather before upon 20,000 spectators. Winterhalder Griffiths flooring Husband in his endeavour to clear assailed the Liverpool goal. At the other end Bowyer shot over. Jones gained possession, and easily foiling Gorman, parted to Mountford, who in turn passed out to Winterhalder. The initial shot hit the post and went outside.

Couper received from Graham, and tricking Dunlop put in a capital shot, which completely beat Husband. Much to the charging of the Everton supporters the goal was disallowed, though Winterhalder obstructing the keeper. A feeble shot from Jones was easily cleared, and then Bowyer and Ramsay each tried shots, which however were charged down.

Parkinson next got away, but Stevenson and Crelly closed upon him, and the latter changed the venue with a lengthy kick. Winterhalder’s centre again presaged danger to the visitors citadel, Jones and Couper each shooting in. Husbands, however, repelled both shots, and play veered to the centre.

Parkinson over ran the ball after clever passing by Robinson and Bowyer had placed him in fine position. A further attack on Sloan’s charge resulted in two corners being concerned, but both were futile.

Following a spell of midfield play, Winterhalder got down the wing, but miskick. Recovering possession smartly, he passed back to Maconnachie, who brought Husband to his knees with a shot from long range. The keeper only partly cleared his lines and Jones scored Everton’s third goal.

This further reverse spurred the visitors to more energetic measures and Bowyer ran half the length of the field for Robinson to put outside. Not to be denied, the Liverpool inside left again got possession, and tricking Stevenson, brought out Sloan, who however, could not stop the progress of Bowyer’s shot.

Liverpool only point was registered five minutes from the finish. The concluding stages of the game were played in a fast failing light, but Sloan saved a penalty kick, a shot from Parkinson. Final result Everton 3, Liverpool 1.
(Liverpool Courier, 03-09-1907)

Arthur Winterhalder scored two goals for Everton.
Arthur Winterhalder

1907 EFC Res v LFC Res pre line up

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