Programme pickles (September 2, 1907)

September 2, 1907
** Liverpool have captured a useful man in Charles Hewitt, who thoroughly understands the game.
** All the invalids have recovered, and Alf West may recoup Liverpool for all the money and anxiety he has cost them.
** Billy Dunlop, despite the sudden call to play, gave an excellent account of himself. William is of opinion that all footballers would be better if they had a business to occupy their time during the week.
** All “Sports” should call at Dunlop’s shop in Walton Breck Road.
** Spion Kop is a sight for the gods when it is filled with humanity. May that be the case many a time and oft during the next eight months.
** Liverpool’s new stand is now possibility. It will be splendid if it is for Xmas and the cup ties.
** Allan Ramsay is a Liverpool youth, although he came to Liverpool from Oldham Athletic. He is sound player if not of international class Usefulness and consistency is worth more to a club than brilliancy.
** There is plenty of material in both Everton and Liverpool to make two real good elevens. Sam Bowyer and Harry Fitzpatrick in Liverpool and Robert Graham and Harry Mountford in Everton might easily furnish up into names known in the football world.
** Harry Wightman, the Liverpool amateur, caught a couple of tartars in John Cox and William Macpherson on Monday night.
(Joint Everton and Liverpool Match Programme: September 2, 1907)


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