Medals presented to the League winners

Tuesday, September 3 – 1907
Judging from the enthusiasm displayed at the gathering of the directors, shareholders, and players of the Liverpool Club on Tuesday last, the Anfield organisation has struck the right vein.

An excellent repast was served at the Hotel St. George, which was followed by a capital “smoker,” not the least interesting item being the presentation of medals to the players who had brought the club back again to the First Division fold.

Two sets were distributed, one, the gift of the club, and the other, the result of a most generous offer on the part of Mr. John Fare, who was elected a director last June.

Thus was the splendid performance of the team led by Alex Raisbeck deservedly recognised, for the feat was not accomplished without grim determination and loyal endeavour on the part of the players.

It was extremely gratifying to hear from the chairman that the directors were alive to the necessities of the situation, and that they recognised the need of good men to strengthen their team in case of emergency.

We shall feel more content in mind when some tangible result of their efforts is forthcoming.

If suitable men cannot be secured at the present moment, how are they to be obtained when they become absolutely necessary to the successful advance of the club.

That there are difficulties in the way is certain, but with such an enthusiastic body of directors and shareholders any obstacle of this character should be surmountable, and that quickly.

We find no fault with any of the present players, but everyone recognises the need for looking ahead.
(Cricket and Football Field, 07-09-1907)

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