Personalia: Harold Uren, Liverpool F.C.

December 7, 1907
It is again our pleasure this week to present our readers with the career of another local player, one who has designs on attaining a permanent place in the Liverpool League eleven. In addition Harold Uren is an amateur of the genuine type, and were it only for this reason alone we should hail the realisation of his ambition with more than ordinary satisfaction!

Several prominent League clubs possess in their ranks, skillful amateurs; Everton, Aston Villa, Sunderland, Newcastle and Preston come into our minds without a moment’s thought, and it will be readily admitted that the unpaid performers in these teams display equally creditable football with that shown by the professional.

Some twenty years ago, Harold John Uren was born at Clifton, near Bristol, but he was only four years of age when his parents removed to New Brighton. His early education was carried on at the Liverpool Institute where for three years he applied himself to study. While here he commenced playing football, and gradually gained  promotion from the junior ranks into the school team. Unlike many players who have started their football career in a certain position, only to find their subsequent place was in a different post, Uren from the earliest days figures on the extreme left wing.

On leaving the Institute, Uren continued his scholastic career at Caldy Grange Grammar School, West Kirby, and played outside left for the school eleven, and gained a high reputation amongst his comrades by his prowess on the field.

He also assisted a New Brighton junior team, and after playing a few matches with them became a member of the New Brighton Wesleyans, who were connected with the local Free Church League. For two seasons he consistently operated in the left wing, and in his second year his club finished as runners up in the final table of results. The Wesleyans then joined the I Zingari League, and for four months Uren had experience of this well managed local tourney.

On taking up his residence at West Kirby when about eighteen years of age, Uren was persuaded to join the team of that name, who at the time were members of the Wirral League, and for three years he occupied his favourite place on the extreme left wing. His club won the Pyke Cup in his second season with them, and that year Uren was chosen to represent the Rest of the League against Garston Gas Works, the champions.

The next club to claim his attention was Harrowby, but he only played one West Cheshire League game for them, when Liverpool, who had been watching him for some weeks, selected him to play for their Combination team against Barrow. This led to quite a number of matches that year with the Reds, and the campaign of 1905-6 started his connection with Liverpool which has recently been strengthened by his appearance in the League eleven. He finished the season, however, with Wrexham, for their left winger had been transferred to Aston Villa, and Uren thus gained some experience of Birmingham League football.

Last year he assisted the Anfielders in a friendly fixture  against Chester on October 6th, but it was not until the present season opened that he began to appear  regularly in their ranks. On October 5th Uren played on the extreme right against Accrington Stanley, and on the 16th of November made his debut in First League football by playing outside right at Hyde Road against Manchester City. The following week he figured on the opposite extremity of the front rank against Preston North End, and gave a creditable exhibition.

This brief survey comprises Uren’s career as a footballer up to the present date, but it is safe to assert that we have only reached the advent of an era of greater efficiency as a first class performer. Standing 5ft. 10in., and weighing 12st., he is a promising specimen of a well built athlete, and in his recent trials he has shown that his football abilities are of no mean order.

He can centre the ball splendidly, especially when playing on the left wing, and is in command of a few tricks that enable him to baffle the attentions of the opposing defence. To reach the highest flights, however, it will be necessary for him to increase his speed, and a study of the methods of such a graceful player as Arthur Goddard, whose course of actions is determined upon before the ball reaches him, would exercise a beneficial effect also. Experience alone will bring the finished player, and Uren has shown himself deserving of further trials with the Leaguers.

Every branch of sport appeals to him, swimming and rowing occupying much of his attention, and during the summer months he indulges in cricket. Last year he played for Birkenhead Victoria, while previous to joining this club he assisted a Liscard eleven known as Ellerslie.

Uren has youth on his side, a good physique, health and intelligence, attributes which should enable him to advance in the football world to the limits attained by more widely known amateurs.
(Source: Joint Everton & Liverpool Programme: December 7, 1907)

Harold Uren, Liverpool F.C. (Athletic News: November 18, 1907):

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