Alarming experience for Messina Allman

January 6, 1908
Arthur Leonard and Messina Allman, of Plymouth Argyle, had an alarming experience at the team’s headquarters at Swindon on Saturday morning. The bedroom jointly occupied by the players was heated with a charcoal fire, and they were overcome by fumes arising therefrom. Allman, realising that knocked.

Jimmy McCormick, who is a light sleeper went to ascertain the cause, and he was startled to find Allman outstretched in the passage. He shouted for assistance, and Mr. J. Jacques, director, aroused George Rowlands, the trainer, whilst Charles Clark also arrived on the scene. Together they worked assiduously to restore animation, and after several minutes Allman was brought round. He inquired after Leonard, and McCormick dashed into the bedroom and found that player on the floor, cold and unconscious. McCormick carried him out of the room, and artificial methods were again resorted to. A doctor attended both players, and later in the morning the medical gentleman was able to state that the men were out of danger.
(Source: Liverpool Echo: January 6, 1908)

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