The perils of Peter Platt

January 13, 1908
How different was the experience of Peter Platt, for, as we have already said, Fulham pierced the Luton defence on no fewer than eight occasions. Fulham er beyond explanation. One week they cannot shoot well enough to win a cocoanut at a fair, but the next week they are baffling and irresistible.

Peter Platt, of Luton, has been one of the busiest men in the Southern League this season. Although Luton occupy a lowly position this cannot be ascribed to the inability of Platt, their goalkeeper. His mistakes have been comparatively few against his many brilliant displays, and especially away from home.

Although Platt is not 23 years old until the 23rd of this month, he has had considerable experience. He was only 17 years old when he kept goal for Blackburn Rovers against West Bromwich Albion in a League match. He started his career with Oswaldtwistle Rovers, and then had six months with Blackburn Rovers. Returning to his old love, he was not destined to stay long, for the keen eyes of prospectors recognized his ability, and Liverpool colours were next seen on his back.

He stayed at Anfield for three seasons, and it is singular that to gain his place in the Liverpool team he had to oust Bill Perkins, who three seasons previously had been secured from Luton.

This is his third season with Luton, and, considering that he has other special attractions in the straw-hatters town, he looks like becoming a fixture. Platt has upheld his reputation since he came South, and his first exhibition, given two and a half years ago against Plymouth Argyle will always be regarded as one of the best displays of goalkeeping ever seen on the Luton ground.

That Luton air suits Platt is proved by the fact that he has grown two inches taller and put on a stone and a half in weight since he went there. He has fine physique, for he stands 6ft. 1in. in his boots and weighs 13st. 12lb., whilst he has a left hand that is equal to his right in ability.

No one could blame Peter Platt for those eight goal.
(Source: Athletic News: January 13, 1908)


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