Match Programme Profile: James Bradley (Liverpool F.C.)

February 8, 1908
This clever half back, whose consistency this season has been truly remarkable, had the felicity of scoring the first two goals in the replayed Cup Tie at Brighton last Wednesday.

He was born at the little village of Goldenhill in the Pottery district in 1879, and was eighteen years of age when he first became a regular participator in football. His early experience was gained with Goldenhill Wanderers, and he played for them during the greater part of one season as left half back.

He was persuaded to sign a League form for Stoke, and finished the latter part of the campaign above mentioned in their Reserve eleven. Twelve months later he figured in the trial matches at the commencement of the season, and showed such pleasing form that he was drafted into the League team, and made his debut against the Aston Villa at Birmingham.

In that match he had to face Jack Devey and Charles Athersmith, a pair that in those days required some watching.

For several years Bradley played regularly with the Potters, and in September, 1903, the club voted him the proceeds of a Birmingham League match as a reward for his loyal services. At the close of the campaign of 1904-5 he joined Plymouth Argyle, but the F.A. refused to sanction his signature, and this led to negotiations for his transfer from Stoke.

Liverpool were fortunate in securing him, and on September 23, 1905 he appeared for the Anfielders against Small Heath.

Bradley possesses a splendid idea of the requirements of a successful half back, and the forwards in front of him cannot complain of accurate attention. He believes in keeping the ball on the turf, and his clever tackling is only equaled by the skillful manner in which he places to his own front rank.

Now that he has shown signs of developing into a goal scorer, his value to his side will be considerably enhanced. It is a useful characteristic for a half back to possess to be able to locate the goal, and we would that the Anfield intermediate trio would more often endeavour to baffle the opposing custodian.

Bradley stands 5ft. 9 ½in., and weighs 11st. 10lbs., and we are pleased to be able to record that since he came to Liverpool his health has vastly improved. The natural sequence has been that his football has advanced contemporaneously.
(Joint Everton and Liverpool Match Programme: February 8, 1908)

James Bradley, Liverpool F.C. (Athletic News: December 11, 1905).


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