Oxford University v Cambridge University 4-1 (University match: February 15, 1908)

February 15, 1908
Match: University match, at Queen’s Club (West Kensington).
Oxford – Cambridge 4-1 (3-0).
Referee: Mr. P.R. Harrower; linesmen: Messrs. W.U. Timmis and R.D. Craig.
Oxford (2-3-5): J.A. Appleton (Shrewsbury and Keble), G.D. Day (Worcester School and Hertford), R.L. Braddell (Charterhouse and Oriel), G.N. Foster (Malvern and Worcester), Kenneth Reginald Gunnery Hunt (Trent College and Queen’s), E.L. Wright (Winchester and New), A.C.L. Clarke (Winchester and University), Arthur Berry (Denstone and Wadham), C.R. Lacon (Eton and Keble), William Jordan (King Edward’s School, Birmingham, and St. John’s), R.C. Maples (King Edward VII School, Sheffield and Queen’s).
Cambridge (2-3-5): A.Whale (Shrewsbury and Pembroke), V.G. Thew (Charterhouse and Trinity Hall), F.H. Mugliston (Rossall and Pembroke), G.G. Woodruff (Rossall and Caius), P.H. Farnfield (Private and Queen’s), A.E. Herman (Rossall and King’s), V. Edwards (Rossall and Magdalene), C.E. Brisley (Lancing and Caius), H.G. Yates (Private and Queen’s), R.C. Cutter (Rossall and Jesus), C.H. Jones (Private and Queen’s).
The goals: 1-0 Berry (25 min.), 2-0 Maples (28 min.), 3-0 Jordan (42 min.), 4-0 Jordan (55 min.), 4-1 Brisley (77 min.).