The death of Andrew Ramsay

February 21, 1908
We have to record the death of a local football player in England. Andrew (better known as ‘Ned’) Ramsay belonged to the little village of East Benhar, where he learned the rudiments of the game with the local junior team, East Benar Heatherbell.

Born some 33 years ago, Andy, as his English clubmates called him, signed on for the Middlesbrough club some ten years ago – just after the final of the Lanarkshire Junior Cup between Dalziel Rovers and East Benhar Heatherbell, in which game he played a sterling game.

No fewer than four of that team were sign on by senior teams at that time. Robert McLaren (Ramsay’s partner at back) signed for Liverpool, as did David Wilson (centre); while Nottingham Forest claimed Robert Murray (centre half). Andrew Ramsay, who came off a football race, played for Middlesbrough for six years, and assisted that club to get into the First Division of the English League.

After his six years’ sojourn in Ironopolis, he was transferred to Leyton three years ago, and played his way into the hearts of the people there. A week past last Saturday he was playing as usual, but was attacked by influenza, followed by brain fever, and he died last Friday afternoon.

Andrew was of a bright and cheery disposition, and was much esteemed in the football world. He was a Freemason, and belonged to Lodge St. John No. 374, Fauldhouse.
(Linlithgowshire Gazette: February 28, 1908)


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