Everton win the ‘mini derby’ at Anfield

February 24, 1908
The Everton team has this season captured all the points in their meetings with their Liverpool rivals. At Goodison, at the opening of the season they won by 3 goals to 1, and on Saturday at Anfield the blues again triumphed by two clear goals. On the run of the play they were entitled to the victory, though Liverpool were unfortunate in having both Latham and Harrop lamed in the opening half, and the latter had to change places with griffin following the change of ends.

It was something of a coincidence, too, that two of the Everton halves should have been injured, these being Booth and Adamson. Under such conditions as prevailed – the gale and the very heavy going being a great handicap to the players – the football naturally suffered, but both sides gave a very good account of themselves and the contest was always interesting.

Everton had the advantage at half-back Macconnachie, Booth, and Adamson forming an intermediate line which most League clubs would give a good deal to possess. Their work was grand all through, the veteran Booth doing especially well. Everton’s forwards too, played better together than did the reds.

Winterhalmer made many fine runs and centre and had a perfect understanding with Mountford. Liverpool’s best attacking was done by the left wing – even after Harrop had been drafted there from centre-half for Charles Hewitt was uncertain and did not gave Uren too many chances, while Parkinson could seldom over one the attentions of the Everton halves.

There was nothing to choose, between the defences, both goalkeepers making some good saves and Dunlop kicking with a rare power. The scoring took place in the second half, when Everton had the wind, Jones and Mountford doing the needful.

Liverpool Reserves: Ned Doig, Fred Rogers, Billy Dunlop, George Latham, Jim Harrop, Sam Hignett, Harold Uren, Charles Hewitt, Jack Parkinson, Sam Bowyer, Mike Griffin.
Everton Reserves: Donald Sloan, William Stevenson, Jack Crelley, Jock MaConnachie, Tom Booth, Hugh Adamson, Daniel Rafferty, Joe Donnachie, Tom Jones, Harry Moutford, Arthur Winterhalmer.
(Liverpool Courier: February 24, 1908)


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