Barrow’s useful win

March 2, 1908
Barrow secured a useful victory over Liverpool Reserves, the odd goal in seven being scored just in the last minute of play. Liverpool lost two of their players through injury before the interval, and they were thus badly handicapped.

In the second half a regrettable incident resulted in Woodacre, Barrow and Mike Griffin, Liverpool receiving marching orders, and thus helped to quieten the feelings which the whole of the players had been showing to each other.

Fouls had been frequent from the start, and Liverpool evidently did not like the bustling tactics of the homesters. The latter, however, were not free from blame in many instances, and the referee’s rulings were not always to the seeing of the spectators.

For Barrow, Porter was brilliant in goal, Owen was the best back, and Pratt the most serviceable half-back. Jack Watty was not in his old form, and Dodds is still short of speed. Bell was the best of the front rankers, although Anderton, Woodacre, and Hewitt made creditable exhibitions.

Edward Husbands was clever in Liverpool goal, Billy Dunlop was a tower of strength at back, and James Gorman, until he injured himself, was a fine centre-half. Jack Parkinson, the centre-forward, was brilliant, and he registered the whole of Liverpool’s goals. Allan Ramsay, an old Barrovian, was too well watched to get far with the ball.
(Lancashire Evening Post: March 2, 1908)


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